Jubilee Farms

Cabbage plot in Malawi

Children receiving lunch in Malawi

Children sharing a meal in Zambia

Planting sweet potatoes in Zambia for food security

Planting sweet potatoes in Zambia for food security

Orphans in Tanzania

Children helped with food security, school and clothing in Tanzania

Using agriculture to end childhood hunger

Orphans being helped in Kenya

HILLS AGAINST HUNGER 10K Run/Hike and 20K Bike will be held October 20. This fundraising event, all on gravel roads, will begin and end at Kaholas Joe’s in the heart of the scenic Flint Hills near Lake Kahola. No entry fee, but donations are hoped for. Participants are encourage to get sponsors. Even the very slow are welcome! To register contact Glenn Fell at jubileefarm55@gmail.com

Jubilee Farms Women For Change And Development group in Kenya after planning meeting.

Irrigation Pump purchased to make possible the Jubilee Farms Model Garden in Malawi to grow food for orphaned children but also to teach them and local farmers how to grow food.

Silas Wekesa teaching Fertility Trenching to local farmers in Kenya at the Jubilee Farms Compassion Centre demonstration farm.

Pastina, a widow in Kenya, with her maize harvest from seed donated through the 100 K Run/Walk of Life.  She and 21 other widows harvested an average of 7 bags of maize each.

Members in Kenya after seed giving.

Children in Tanzania receiving school uniforms from donations from 100K run/walk

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