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We are a small family owned farm who wants to see the restoration of the farming tradition. We enjoy the hard work that the farm provides, knowing at the end of the day we have contributed to the well being of our animals. It is important to teach our children and grandchildren how to value the land and learn where our food comes from, to treat animals with love and give them the respect they are due. 

Our goal is to make Jubilee Farms a place for people to come, heal and free to be who they are. We want people to love our animals and learn the value of hard work and family. 

“Jubilee Farms" refers to the life giving relationship between the land and people where they depend one another and work together to feed not only themselves but their neighbors as well.


Michigan Proud

Jubilee Farms is a Michigan proud farm.  We serve our neighbors and local community from the abundance of blessings the farm produces. 


Organic Certification Pending


Our goal is to become completely Organic Certified. This is a long process. We have started the three year process for our cattle to become Organic Certification. Our certification is pending for 2022. 


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