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Fun Facts

  1. The cows are grass fed supplemented with grain and hay.

  2. Organic Certification Pending for 2022.

  3. They love to be brushed, pet, and given treats.


Breed: White Dexter    Gender: Bull        Lived: 2018-2020

Story: Archie came to Jubilee Farms alongside Boaz, Cora, and Nora. He was a beautiful white dexter bull. He had a big personality that wasn't always in the best interest of the farm so he the first to go to Freezer Camp. His legacy lives on through Moses and Jules who he steered.


Breed: Dehorned Chondro-Positive (Dwarf) Dexter     Gender: Bull        Born: 2015

Story: Boaz came to Jubilee Farms alongside Archie, Cora and Nora. True dexters have horns, though some owners remove their them (polled) when they are younger. In Boaz's younger years he was taken to the fair and loves to go for trailer rides. He is very laid back and loves to be hand fed.


Breed: Dexter    Gender: Cow      Born: 2014    Sister: Cora

Story: Nora came to Jubilee Farms alongside Archie, Boaz, and Cora. Nora and Cora originally came from the foothills of Tennessee where they learned to fend for themselves. She came to us pregnant sired by Archie. Nora likes to take treats from our hands.


Breed: Dexter    Gender: Cow      Born: 2014    Sister: Nora

Story: Nora came to Jubilee Farms alongside Archie, Boaz, and Cora. She came to us pregnant sired by Archie, same as Nora. She will now take treats from our hands and loves her head scratched.


Breed: Polled Dexter     Gender: Cow     Born: 2018

Story: Fergie is a very sweet girl. She loves hugs and to talk to you. She came to Jubilee Farms as a result of the Armada Fair, we happened to see her there and fell in love. Fergie came to us pregnant with her first calf and is a gentle, loving mother.


Breed: Highland   Gender: Heifer     Born: 2018

Story: Gretchen was our first Highland. We wanted to add a highland into the fold. She is a spunky teenager who can be sweet and sour. The fold did not accept her and she became lonely for a while. Rosie was bought to be a friend to Gretchen. 


Breed: High-Dex     Gender: Heifer     Born: 2019

Story: Tovie and Bell were the first animals to come to Jubilee Farms. They were both bottle fed for 6 months. Tovie is a very sweet girl, with a little spunk in her. She loves to be fed treats and brushed. Tovie loves to come and lay next to us and play. 


Breed: High-Dex     Gender: Heifer     Born: 2019

Story: Bell came with Tovie and was bottle fed alongside of her. She is a good girl and loves attention and to be brushed. Bell and Tovie will steal our hats and play keep away. They will turn 15 months in July, 2020 and be introduced to the rest of the fold. 


Breed: Dexter    Gender: Steer     Born: 2019       Sire: Archie      Dam: Cora

Story: Moses was the first calf born at Jubilee Farms. He has been steered and is available for purchase. He is a very sweet boy and great with kids. He would be a good to show at 4-H.


Breed: Dexter     Gender: Heifer     Born: 2019     Sire: Archie    Dam: Nora

Story: Jules was the second calf born at Jubilee Farms. She has a spunky personality and is learning to find her place alongside Tovie and Bell. She loves taking treats out of our hands but is a little too skittish to be brushed yet. 

FINNIGAN                                                    AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE

Breed: Dexter    Gender: Polled Bull Calf    Born: 2020     Dam: Fergie

Story: Finnigan was the third calf born at Jubilee Farms. He is very friendly and will take treats out of your hand.


Breed: Dexter    Gender: Bull-Calf   Born: 2020     Sire: Archie     Dam: Cora


Story: Ciaphas was the first calf that was both conceived and born on Jubilee Farms. The timing of his arrival was a surprise and he has blessed our farm in an abundance of ways!


Bull - intact male                                                             Polled - Genetically born without horns

Steered - neutered bull                                                    House Bull - Dominate Male

Heifer - female who has not had a calf                           House Cow - Dominate Female

Cow - female who has calved                                          Proven Sire - Bull who has offspring  

Heifer Calf - female who is under 1 year.                        Freezer Camp - Butchered

Bull Calf - bull who is under 1 year.

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