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Piglets Coming Soon!

May 2021


Breed: Juliana Potbelly    Gender: Boar     Born: 2018     

Story: Wilber came to Jubilee Farms when he was 6 months old. He was very skittish and afraid of people when he arrived. With lots of love and attention he is now one of the favorite animals on the farm.


Breed: Juliana Potbelly   Gender: Sow  Born: 2016     

Story: Rou is a breeding pig and was bought to be a wife for Wilber. When she arrived here she had no social skills, but as we have worked with her and cared for her she has continued to surprise us.


Boar - Male Pig                                                             

Gilt - Female Pig who has not had piglets

Sow - Female Pig who has had piglets


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